Saturday, August 14, 2010

Started my first sketchbook -Day's 1 and 2

Ok, promise not to laugh.  I mean it really lol.  Using a sketchbook is so different than spending hours on one piece of artwork.  You fix mistakes, you perfect it.  The sketchbook well it's exactly that, a sketchbook.  It's taken me 2 years to finally break down and do this.  Why? It shouldn't have been difficult I used to love to journal years ago.  The answer is, committment.   Committment to journal in art on a daily basis and a committment to sketch, not spend hours.  To show flaws, ink runs the whole bit.

Now I look at my first two days work and I'm between bouts of laughter and tears.  They are awful, A W F U L.  So why share them?  Because there are probably many people like me procrastinating or worried and maybe they decide to start one finally.  It's beneficial to an artist.  You can sketch ideas, experiment, stay creative, express yourself etc.

It also gives you  and I an opportunity to watch it change and grow, something to look back. It's about creativity, expressing yourself, playing, learning.  It's something that my kids, grandkids will have to look at long after I'm gone and see who I was, what the weather was, price of gas.  History so to speak,  through what I experienced and expressed.   That alone makes it worth doing.

Here you are for your viewing non-pleasure :P Day 1 and Day 2.

This summer here has been excessively hot.

My son is in the Navy. USS Kearsarge LHD3. He and all of us just found out he's being deployed to Pakistan and won't be able to come home beforehand.   It will be a long 10 months.

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