Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sketchbook - Day 3

The truck broke down again. It can never choose a nice day lol, it's always the 112 record heat wave or this past winter 10 below zero weather days.

Bill Jr. came over and checked it out while his Dad was at work. He the master cylinder hose had a huge hole causing a vacuum leak, soooo he duct taped it (yes, he really did lol) and still when you started the truck the engine just screamed like 6000 rpm's. Bill Sr. got under the hood and after buying one part and that didn't help finally found the problem. A bad gasket, which the engine ate part of (it's a tough lil truck). So it's idling like it should now and running again, I figure until the first big snow or ice storm hits :).

It could be worse, we could have had to take it to a shop. It's nice when your significant other knows his way around an engine :).

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