Monday, June 7, 2010

Some kinda aliens - airbrushing

Well, my fiance' got me an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush this week and boy what an adjustment from using a pencil or paintbrush. Bill grudgingly gave me about a 4ft area of the "man cave" to work in lol. Not sure what is more fun, painting or listening to him be dramatic and put on a show about losing garage space and sharing power tools. He's so ornery. He built me an easel today too, now that's love huh? Airbrush, paint, pc panel, garage space and an easel :D.

This is day 1 and 2 of some kind of aliens on Bill's computer case cover. I'm a big fan of biomech art and H.R. Giger (not big on the explicit works though). I just picked up the airbrush and started doodling and the photos below are what it's developed into. I'm freehand airbrushing, no stencils. I also had no drawing or pre-planned image in mind, like I said I just painted some curvy white lines and pulled what you see so far out. So I suppose having watched Alien and Aliens 50 million times somewhere in my head the images are burned.

This is the first time since painting last year (watercolor/acrylics non-airbrush) that I just drew some doodles lines and pulled an image from imagination like I'd do on paper. It has been so much fun, even with the splats and runs. My pencil drawing and non-airbrush paintings have always been meticulously drawn out/planned and reference used. This has been like imagination and creativity freedom.

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