Monday, May 10, 2010

So Yeah, Mondays - The Bird

So yeah, Mondays.

We all have them.  It would seem no matter what language it is in, a Monday is Monday.  Why do we dislike Monday so much?  For some people it's the start of 5 days of school.  Some of you parents maybe doing a little song and dance at that thought.  For most people though, it's the start of a long work week.

I've found if I'm ever going to have "one of those days".  It almost never fails to be on a Monday.  You know, those days where things just come at you straight out of the blue.  With that thought came this little illustration.  So I've never had a little green man show up and pluck feathers.  I have on more than one occasion had regular old earthlings ruffle my feathers.  Sometimes, you just gotta say what the HE double hockey sticks).

Have a great day and an even better week, and keep an eye in the sky.

You just never know :).

Feel free to comment about why you dislike or may even like (always an oddball around hehe) Mondays.

The Bird - 4x6 postcard study Watercolor and Acrylic Illustration.

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