Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tom & Jerry for Garrett

tandjforgarrett 16x20 Tom and Jerry Illustration for my son Garrett.  He has to do a speech in his oral communications class.  He asked me to draw an illustration with Tom laughing ("holding his stomach mom or the class won't get it, k!") and Jerry holding back his "uncle" from attacking Tom.

First thing I asked was if I was doing something he was assigned lol and the answer was no, he told the teacher his idea and she said "your going to draw this?"  His reply was heck no I got connections, my mom's an artist, she will!".

The paper was from school with the football schedule on back, very glossy thin stuff.  So it doesn't have any tooth for colored pencil that's as dark as I could get it without bloom, and too thin for my watercolor. At any rate this was a fun one to draw out, after a couple of my sketches got the nix by him this design was approved lol :)

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