Saturday, October 3, 2009

Still life Series "Fruit Halves" OSWOA

Avocado Study Watercolor 4x6 OriginalLime Study Watercolor 4x6 OriginalPear Study Watercolor 4x6 Original Kiwi Study Watercolor 4x6 OriginalThe Avocado was my first watercolor painting ever (I don't count kindergarten lol).  I was wanting to put some art in my kitchen, fruit seemed logical and something I've never drawn.

Done on a 4x6 Strathmore Post Card.  I was told if I wanted to buy anymore art supplies I had to take some art up to show, they'd been asking to see for a few months (I'm my worst critic, that was pressure).

In the end my fiance knew what he doing, more faith than I but I came home with news the ballerina acrylic painting was going to go on exhibit in a local gallery and to start work on a series for a exhibition they'd host for me. And to also do a series on the fruit which will be framed in a window style and up for sale. The series of 4 is done now.

Now I have some hope, I wasn't told "Lady, please for our eyes sake, put down the brushes and pencils" hehe. Like I said I'm my worst critic.

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