Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Semi Finalist in Nasa Art Contest on Etsy

I'm so excited my painting made it to the semi-finalist rounds on the Nasa Space:Craft Art contest on Etsy. The story:
Since the contest was supposed to be art craft and Nasa related I came up with this.

"The Little Astronaut"
11x14 inch original water mixable oil painting on stretched canvas. This painting is not for sale, it is a contest entry.

This is a painting of father and son and the cardboard & tape spaceship they crafted. The little astronaut is flying a kite of stars. 

Nasa seems to bring out the child in most, at least it does for me. Nasa and the space program are the result of dreams, inspiration and making the impossible possible. Through Nasa we all get to touch the stars. 

I remember building rocket ships and wanting to be an astronaut as a child. Sitting out with a telescope at night in awe.

If you'd like to vote here is the link:

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