Monday, September 6, 2010

What a day -Stupid Thieves

My daughter's bicycle was stolen out of our garage.  I am so angry, she has taken such good care of it and always puts it up.  It was a gift from her step-brother, so now she's heartbroken.  They also got my son's bike.  You try so hard to lead an honest life, help others and even good karma can't protect you all the time I suppose.  I wish they knew who they stole from.  We will be hard pressed to replace that bike, we struggle like anyone else in this economy.  Well I suppose karma will run up and bite them on the ass someday sadly.  I think I'll put a sign up out back, (I'm sure they frequent the back alley) and ask for the return, no questions asked etc.

On a good note.  I got the most wonderful compliments from a customer who purchased artwork as a gift to her husband for their anniversary.  She took the time to go to my facebook page and post it.  Really made my day after the bike theft drama.

I also got the website finished and it's live.  Since I have a blog here now it didn't make sense to keep the WordPress blog on my domain up any longer. Now to get the mini dog tag art pendants done this week lol.


Michael Creations said...

That's terrible! I remember when I was younger, my dad caught a guy coming into our garage and trying to take my brother's bike. The guy managed to just get on it to ride away and my dad came up behind him and knocked him off it. After that, we had to actually lock our bikes up in our own garage.

I just can't understand why people are like that. So sorry it happened to you! :(

Brenda Doodles said...

Oh wow that must have been a sight to watch your dad catch him.

Sadly I think we're going to have to lock up items inside a locked garage too. The drywall in the house needs to be done soon so we can connect the alarm again as well.

aquariann said...

Grrr to thieves! I hope you get the bikes back. Did you report the robbery to the police?

On a happier note, your website looks fantastic!

Brenda Doodles said...

It's been reported. We are hoping whoever it is sees the sign and just decides to return it.

Thanks :)

Busy Working Mama said...

Oh that's just awful about the bike! I don't understand people sometimes. Your art is lovely, though, and I am glad for the well-deserved compliment.

Brenda Doodles said...

Thank you Working Mama :)


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