Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's get Devin reconnected

Update! A donation was made and Devin is able to get his new mouse. Thanks so much to everyone for spreading the word and your help!

Hi friends,

Normally I'd never ask anything like this.  Shelly & Steve Johnson's son Devin could use our help.  Devin has been  paralyzed from the neck down for the last 5 years, after being shot in the neck.  Devin lives in another state for care, unfortunately this means he's away from his family.  Devin uses the internet to connect with family, friends, the outside world.  Devin Johnson is a wonderful young man, look at that smile in the photo.  The special mouse he uses is also shown.

This week unfortunately Devin lost his connection to the outside world  when his special computer mouse broke.  It isn't  just any old computer mouse, he uses a special mouse called a Quadjoy with a $800 price tag.  Insurance doesn't cover replacement or repair.

For those of you that went to HS with Steve or Shelly, you know what great people they were and still are.  Please, let's help reconnect Devin.

If you'd like to help donate to a fund to get Devin a new mouse use the payapal button below.  Donations will go directly  his parents Steve & Shelly Johnson so that they may purchase the new mouse for Devin.  Any amount helps, even as little as a dollar.

Thank you for your generosity on behalf of Shelly, Steve, Devin and myself.  If you don't use paypal and would rather help in other means please contact me here or facebook.  I'll keep this post updated with total donation amounts and remove the button once the amount needed is met.

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