Friday, July 16, 2010

Warcraft Orc 1st AB T-Shirt

I've been teaching myself how to airbrush for exactly a month now. I've been practicing on metal panels. Today I airbrushed my 1st T-shirt.

I have Always been a Blizzard Ent. fan, the Starcraft game movie intro is actually what got me wanting to draw and learn digital art. From digital art a year ago I went to traditional art, watercolors & acrylic and now AB. I Used an old black T-shirt of my fiance's. That is not a band-aid on the orcs forehead it's the logo that was on the tee LOL. Tee's are lots of fun so far much easier to paint on than metal the paint doesn't spider.

This was done Freehand, no stencils using Createx & AA waterbased paint. Transparent White, Trans Black, Trans Yellow, Trans Blue, Opaque Black & Opaque White, Opaque Red.


anikolaichuk said...

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Bree said...

Sorry this hit spam. What is your website link, more than likely possible.


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