Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gollum in Colored Pencil

gollumfinalsmallHe's done!!  Gollum from LOTR. I have had the pencils for awhile. Drew a flower with them, didn't like them and they collected dust until I decided to give them another try. I love the color blue and had purchased some tinted paper to try and this seemed a good character choice to experiment with the color.

Gollum is such a sad soul, lot's of character and fun to draw. He was so passionate about that ring and other times being loyal to Frodo.

"The Hobbit" was the first book I remember reading given to me by my mom 30 yrs ago. Gollum always scared but intrigued me and still does.

Reference is a from a LOTR cover. Character creation, credits etc. belong to J.R.R Tolkien, LOTR, Andy Serkin the CG crew.

Prismacolor (Regular and Watercolor) Pencils on 11x14 Blue Strathmore Pastel Paper. Approx 16 hrs.

gollumcoloredpencilWIPThe WIP picture.

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